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Advanced Care Medical Center is a quality emergency medicine, family practice and pain relief facility located in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Serving Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce residents since 2000, we've been committed to providing each patient with exceptional care and attention.

From general medicine and men's health therapies for erectile dysfunction to pain relief services and wrinkle remedies such as Botox®, Restylane® and our physicians grade skin care line, our professional staff works together with you to provide the highest quality comprehensive healthcare.

We've recently added new pain relief procedures to help those residents suffering with arthritic joint pain, sports injuries or back pain conditions such as sciatica or herniated disc syndrome live pain free while decreasing their reliance on pain medications.

Our non-surgical pain management options include: Trigger Point Injections, Tendon/Joint Therapy and Fluoroscopic Facet Injections. These procedures are covered by most insurance plans including Medicare.

Now with our Spine and Joint Pain Relief Programs, you can enjoy lasting relief of your pain without medication or surgery!

So if you suffer from neck, back or arthritic joint pain or simply have a general health concern, give our office a call at (772) 419-9696 or to schedule an appointment, click here now.

Yours in Health,
Darshan Shah, M.D.

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