Advanced Care Medical Center

At our office, we offer a comfortable, state-of-the-art healing environment where most patients are seen and treated in less than half an hour. We provide comprehensive diagnostic health services, treatments and continued care of a variety of chronic medical conditions.

Our facility is designed for minor emergencies and all medical conditions which are treatable on an outpatient basis. We excel with first time patients, diagnosing and treating new health issues.

Minimum Waiting...

We offer convenient daytime and evening hours by appointment for patients seeking immediate treatment for minor illnesses and injuries as well as a wide variety of diagnostic and screening services. For cases of emergency, no appointment is necessary as we are a full service walkin medical center. One of the things we pride ourselves is the fact that all our patients are treated by well trained physicans and allied healthcare providers.

When you arrive at out facility you will be interviewed to collect information of present symptoms, prior medical history and other details, followed by a thorough physical examination.

After a discussion and exam the doctor will complete his diagnosis and-together with you-formulate a plan that is best. That plan may include further testing, specialist referral, medication, therapy and dietary advice.

We offer a full range of medical services that include - but are not limited to - internal medicine, on-site blood work, ECG. We even have onsite X-ray and Laboratory Facilities.

Being the first line of defence for most medical issues, At Advanced Care Medical Center we have extensive experience with the following list of ailments:

• Sinus congestion and sinusitis
• Heartburn and other gastrointestinal issues
• Ear discomfort or otitis media.
• Strep throat, including testing and medication; Assessment of recurrent strep throat; Sore throat prevention.
• Immediate and urgent care of headaches-including migraines
• Immediate and urgent care of acute bronchitis and pneumonia
• Immediate and urgent care of asthma and allergic reactions
• X-ray referral for chest, bone and ligament problems
• Immediate and urgent treatment of strains and sprains
• Immediate and urgent testing and treatment of cystitis, bladder or urinary tract infection; UTI medication; treatment of recurring UTI, chronic UTI
• STD testing
• Immediate and urgent care and treatment of colitis and traveler's diarrhea or constipation
• Food poisoning symptom assessment; food poisoning treatment
• Urgent care evaluation and treatment of skin rashes, lesions and insect bites
• Blood testing
• Immediate and urgent EKG (electrocardiogram) testing for palpitations, heart discomfort and angina
• Immediate and urgent care and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
• Assessment and treatment of travel-related back pain or soreness
• Physical examinations for school, job, employment or immigration purposes
• Prescriptions, drug refills and renewal
• We provide Intravenous antibiotic therapy on an out-patient basis so that you can avoid hospital stays
• Splinting and casting services
• Simple to complex laceration repair
• Joint, tendon and bursa pain relief injections 
• Much, much more...

To better service our patient, we have just added Facet Block and Nerve Root Block Injections to our list of services.

These injections are for patients with chronic neck and/or back pain who have tried conservative therapy with little or no results. They are non-invasive, do not require anesthesia and use the smallest needles possible.

Because we are physician owned, we are patient driven. This means that we can focus more on providing excellent care, and less on the bottom line. We are not tied to any large medical corporations. We provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of the community of Ft. Pierce and Treasure Coast Florida. Give us a call at Advanced Care Medical Center at 772-419-9696.

Being physician owned means that our doctors are able to focus on you!