Weight Management

Medical Weight Loss Now Available in Fort Pierce, Florida:

Many dieters believe that weight loss is as simple as eating less and exercising more. For some, that may hold true; however, for countless others, this minimal approach to weight loss is ineffective.

Research is beginning to show that weight loss is a combination of many factors and many factors affect the success or failure of weight loss. Diet and exercise are only two. Some ther factors are the amount of sleep you get, how much stress you have, and your mindset to succeed to name just a few.

The physical factor that connects the body and weight loss is the individual. Each individual is different with different metabolism, weight loss needs, and body shape. Our weight control program is tailored to your body and your needs which is why our patients succeed in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight thereafter.

Our Weight Control Program Includes:

MedicalConsultation 130 x 86Medical & Nutritonal Consultation:
On your first visit to our office, you will be seen by one of our medical providers for a consultation and examination. If lab work is needed, it will be order them at that time.

Lab Work & Body Fat Analysis:
Blood work and specialized testing including body mass index (BMI) will be performed to determine your metabolic fators that may be causing your weight gain. From there you daily caloric needs will be determined for your custom diet program.

Medical Follow Up 110
Customized Diet and Medication Plan:
Once your testing is complete we will create your custom weight loss plan including diet and medications to help you lose those unwanted pounds fast! The factors considered in developing this program include your age, sex, medical conditions and overall health goals.

Nutrtional Counselling1
Follow Up Consultations:
To assure your success in our medical weight loss program, you'll be seen for scheduled follow up visits and weigh-ins here are our office.  

To learn more about our Weight Control Program, give our office a call at 772-419-9696. To schedule consultation with Dr. Shah using our online appointment system, click here now.